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Membership Database

Edit Name City State Sobriety Date Birthdate Comments Email Shows
Karen P.VT01-01-200007-19-1972
Nick RichardsonIN01-19-200609-27-1981
Gretchen 00-00-000000-00-0000
Aaron WV09-10-201210-24-1977
ryan herrnkind05-05-201109-27-1976
Sarah S.AberdeenNJ01-28-201001-23-1992
jonathan davisAbingdonva07-03-200506-01-1981phishhead drug free
rick vosaftonva07-09-201112-21-1977my first sober show was portsmouth,va. 2012. a great experience :)
Micah w.AkronOh06-10-201209-16-1989Phorever grateful
Jeffrey SpencerAlbanyNY01-18-200805-06-1979
Justin DonohueAlbanyNY01-06-201304-17-1988
Gabe M.AlexandriaVA04-02-200804-24-1978
Dave SwensonAlexandriaVA07-01-200906-23-1978"I can still remember the last one...."
Chris AipperspachAltoonaIA11-01-201002-21-1977
John B.AndoverMA03-30-199605-22-1975
James LAnn ArborMIAnyone going to NYE @ MSG?
Paul GuzzoApollo BeachFL03-02-200205-02-1957
Joshua RobinsonArcataCA04-07-201001-02-1975
Sonny BurnetteAshevilleNC01-18-201403-27-1994
Charlie W.AshevilleNC07-11-200305-13-1977
Derek SteeleAshevilleNC10-29-200610-26-1984
Lori T.AshevilleNC07-21-199608-15-1968Phish is the best band to see sober!
heather r.ashevillenc06-20-201209-30-1988read the phuckin' book!!!
Tim MAshlandOH04-07-200607-16-1972
Jack LanskyAthensGA11-22-201007-10-1988I go to shows in Atlanta too!
dognamedwilsonathensga09-12-201106-13-1980anyone hittin TAB @ the TAB next weekend? tix still avail
Chris A.AtlantaGA06-29-200612-03-1976
Jesse MAtlantaGA07-29-201206-08-1980
John O'KAtlantaGA06-24-200004-27-1972
Mike MAtlantaGA07-06-201104-12-1976
Kyle UrqAtlanta GA08-19-201108-23-1985
Austin GillespieAtlantaGA11-01-201105-15-1978Looking forward to my first show sober.
Michael B.AtlantaGA
Caroline MAtlantaGa06-28-200808-14-1990
Steven FAuburnAL07-28-201103-07-1973
Bill BAuburnNY02-28-201204-14-1986Heading to Saratoga for my first sober PHISH shows.. cant wait to meet some people and make up for some shows that I can barley remember!
Mike E.AudubonNJ04-01-200912-15-1971A small miracle of the phellowship! You're not alone!
Jon HAustinTX07-10-201612-02-1981Thank You!
Vinny S.Ballston SpaNY07-07-200901-04-1974
Dan C.BaltimoreMD04-10-200802-11-1982
Jared HessBaltimoreMD01-11-200301-30-1983
Shelly BaltimoreMD08-05-198703-09-1963
Brian CBaltimoreMD11-18-200802-06-1976
Jes P.BaltimoreMD01-07-200703-09-1982
Lauren LBaltimoreMD03-28-200809-15-1978I'm going to the show on June 27th. Can't wait - MY FIRST CONCERT SOBER!!!
JustinBaltimoreMD06-10-200505-14-1980If your in and around Baltimore or South Florida, seeing shows and want a phriend to stay sober with while we get down, HIT ME UP!!!
WENDY BALTIMOREMD04-21-199612-15-1956
Gary SmithBarnegat TownshipNJ07-31-201601-19-1978This is new to me need HELP
Pat KBarringtonNJ07-27-201002-19-1979
Don B.BathME05-08-200711-22-1966
Chip P.Bay ShoreNY12-15-201210-29-1980
Kevin CBeckely wv08-22-200908-19-1985Just begining my recovery, It has been amazing so far, Staying at the WV fellowship home in beckely, am from Ashland Ky. Looking foward to a clearer and sober phish THANK YOU
PT Bel AirMD02-24-201110-05-1981
adam robicheauxbel airmd04-23-201307-24-1991
Griffen ThorneBerkeleyCA08-14-200707-28-1988
justin vberlinnj04-21-201011-18-1984phree!!
Jeannie FBethesdaMD10-20-200712-14-1987
Nick Abinghamtonny07-04-200908-14-1988
Matt MBinghamton NY10-28-201204-22-1981
Michael PBirminghamAL09-16-201005-28-1978
Heather finchBirminghamAl04-12-201203-31-1969
Russell G.BirminghamAl09-15-199912-16-1953
Cal WhaleyBirminghamAL07-26-201509-09-1988
David CleggBloomfield TownshipMI09-25-201209-13-1968
Jason MaynardBloomingburgOH01-24-201112-19-1978
Dani GBloomingtonIN03-24-201701-17-1992
allisonBoca RatonFL11-15-200905-25-1984
Lee B.Boiseid06-17-2011
ZachBonney LakeWA02-06-200604-11-1974sharing in the groove
Sean ReadBostinMA12-05-201506-19-1977
Brian W.BothellWA06-01-200603-16-1975
Brandon WalshBoulderCO02-01-200005-12-0000
Max Schneckboulderco04-15-201010-01-1987
Daniel C.BoulderCO04-03-200910-03-1967
Pete BroodyBoynton beachfl08-28-201207-01-1979
Elliott DayBoynton BeachFL10-12-201111-29-1988
Chelsea KaiserBoynton BeachFL06-08-201501-26-1990Surrender to the flow so that you don't need dope to dance! xo
David BeckermanBoynton BeachFL05-14-201506-15-1987
Tim DBrandonMS06-16-200606-24-1979
drewbreckenridgeco08-20-201102-20-1969It works if you live it!
SEANBridgeportCT02-18-201203-07-1979Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow
Brian GBristol CT04-21-201712-27-1983
Mike TBroadview HeightsOH05-04-200906-04-1976
Daniel BaerBrookhavenPA03-09-2013
Lauren N.BrooklynNY09-22-199909-12-1979
Carol W.BrooklynNY02-14-200311-19-1974I come unglued while in midair, and land to reform,
DanSquadBrooklynNY06-14-200209-29-1977Call any time any day - I'm also a compulsive overeater, so if anyone needs help in that area, just let me know
steve werfelbrooklynny12-05-200310-02-1962
Ryan KingBrooklynNY02-27-201201-01-1984
Barbara LeeBrooklynNY01-02-200803-11-1960I am happy, I hope you are as well!
tim m.buck hill fallspa01-30-201005-28-1977
Jason DutchessBuffaloNY06-06-200612-10-1978
Annie CBuffaloNY07-07-200811-11-1983
Jamie C.BuffaloNY11-25-201005-14-1982
Christine PBuffaloNY09-25-200608-22-1975
Pete RBuffaloNY
Tom C.Buffalo NY01-24-201507-01-1968
Gina AbateBuringtonNJ01-02-201110-30-1974
Ken HBurlingtonON05-22-199912-12-1975Thanks to all those serving to make the phellowship happen
Dave PBurlingtonVT04-10-200003-04-1971
Nate Clarkburlingtonvt02-23-201106-03-1988Grateful!
Oscar RCamarilloCA11-08-200805-20-1975And so if you find it, look all around, You're Never Alone
Todd MCambridgeMA01-21-200909-11-1969Grateful Not Dead
David CookCanandaiguaNY03-26-200709-03-1981
Chad M.CantonOH09-29-200806-01-1984All the phreaky people make the beauty of the world.
Mike FragasseCantonOH09-14-200912-02-1982
Amanda M.Cape CodMA03-09-200808-18-1979grateful <3
Cody youngCarlisle/lancasterPA04-26-201305-20-1990Would love to meet as many of you guys as possible this summer!
ChristineCarnelain BayCA10-23-201006-26-1978
Caroline Ccarolina beachnc10-13-200709-28-1978
Chris C.carolina beachnc11-11-200702-27-1975
Courtney WCaryNC04-19-201006-03-1976
Wes ForsterCedar RapidsIA01-08-199808-03-1968
Seth W.CedarhurstNY09-11-200801-23-1986
Bill BemillerCentennialCO06-16-201601-10-1970
Jennie PoteatChapel HillNC01-28-200801-27-1974
John S.Chapel HillNC04-20-200903-05-1974
Paul S.Chapel HillNC08-19-200101-17-1976I am so glad I live in a world that has PHISH!!!!
Lucian CrockettChapel HillNC10-17-200712-15-1986
Scott Countryman Charleston SC08-10-201209-06-1982Chef,addict,truth seeker,non 7 wood user
Bryce BridgerscharlotteNC09-01-201002-02-1989
Michael S.CharlotteNc12-06-200803-06-1992
Amanda LupeCharltonNY05-25-199503-14-1974
Jake KneisleyChelanWa03-20-200505-16-1974
Robert C. aka "Einstein"ChepachetRI05-24-199611-09-1961Been there, done that, thanks to each and everyone of you!!! I am truly grateful to be of service
bemcdChicagoIL06-07-200504-07-1979one good thing about music..when it hits you feel no pain
Matthew MChicagoIl05-01-200609-30-1982Remember 1 thing...For every dark night there is a bright day after.
Michael JimmsChicagoIL07-10-201004-07-1966
michael cormackChicagoIL06-27-199310-24-1962
Frank McchicagoIL11-09-2011
Stephen TuiteChicago ILIl10-16-201006-07-1983
Nathan JCINCINNATIOH05-04-200905-08-1978
John HCincinnatiOH05-28-201311-29-1968Took me a long time to Get Back on the Train and it ain't easy but "they" never said it would be. They also say patience is a virtue.
Elise G.CincinnatiOh04-22-201404-13-1987
Thomas S. Cincinnati OH04-23-201501-02-1980
gary "fraggle" Showersclearwater fl07-21-201306-16-1975
Brian ApplegateClevelandOH07-11-200705-13-1982
Kevin WClevelandOh03-07-201210-24-1984
Mike SClintonNJ02-17-201101-20-1984
Michael WCloverdaleCA03-13-200808-05-1986
Logan V.ColliervilleTN06-17-201307-12-1991
E.J. CollingswoodNJ11-09-201107-20-1976Just getting back to the show scene. Got sober and haven't really figured out my place yet.
Jeff Beymcolumbiasc09-30-199702-01-1978
Karl SteinbornColumbiaSC07-01-201001-25-1988
Christy C.ColumbusOH05-31-200201-31-1979
Jessica S.ConcordNH11-22-201003-19-1984Going to Superball IX with 2 sober friends...would love to meet up with other great folks along the way!
martin o'malleycongersny10-20-200904-30-1975be at bethel woods
Brian CohenCooper CityFl09-17-200806-27-1985Hey phels, i need help out in Cali... i hope to fly in and out of lax....mainly floorspace is probably the MOST valuable. thanks!
MattCornwall On HudsonNY01-02-201705-20-1990
Alicia GCosta MesaCA04-30-200601-27-1974I'm hoping to meet up with people to go to the Halloween shows in Indio, CA and would be happy to volunteer at the Phellowship table
Danielle MayCosta MesaCA09-09-201009-09-1984
Keith M.CranfordNJ07-21-200805-22-1975
Donny CranstonRI12-08-199606-15-1969
Brian BCrystal LakeIL01-31-199507-09-1969
Conor E.DallasTX06-14-201304-27-1992
KurtDana PointCa08-09-200910-29-1985Cant wait for my Phirst sober shows in indio
KristinDaytonOH02-04-198607-16-1963yes,i am old,but i love tour!!
Manny C.Delray BeachFL05-27-200809-13-1983Small wheel turn by the fire and rod Big wheel turn by the grace of God.
Michael H.Delray BeachFL02-01-200506-30-1978set your gear shift for the high gear of your soul!!!!
Gus C.Delray BeachFL08-09-200508-07-1983
Michelle S.Delray BeachFL06-02-200509-17-1979
Mike MatthewsDelray BeachFL12-01-200910-10-1985
John NunnDelray BeachFL06-03-201102-19-1987
Scott S.Denverco09-01-200509-09-1980Shaken' both legs!
lauri keenerdenverco06-27-200805-31-1976
Gavi HanssenDenverCO06-01-201102-04-1967
Stella BlessingDenverCo06-10-201201-24-1991
Bobby HDenverCO11-17-201510-19-1992Been doing a 30 for 30 and Love that there is a PHellowship!!! MY sober people!!
Kim WilcoxDenverCO01-10-201608-22-1987Call me! YAY PHISH!!
Emory W.Denver CountyCO12-10-200511-08-1979
JOSH Pderrynh06-24-201107-19-1984
Bill CDes MoinesIA12-01-200705-06-1977
John K.DetroitMI04-04-200200-00-0000
Dana PtuchaDix HillsNY12-19-199301-20-1963
Chris S.DubuqueIA04-30-200908-10-1981
Lance VDuluthMN03-02-200902-23-1978
Damien CEastamptonNJ07-10-200503-19-1978
chad FEllwood CityPA07-31-201403-11-1977
Mike SElmira NY12-04-201506-21-1979
Bryan PalmerEriePa01-07-200805-08-1979Love what you do to assist others and partake in the phish scene. As a fan who has seen Phish many times all either highly intoxicated or sober you have treated me the same. Thank you for the support and assistance with maintaining order in somewhat chaot
Ryan J. CampaneFairfaxVA08-17-201105-05-1982Theres never a morning after a Phish show that I wish had drank the night before!
Amalee KuykendallFairhopeAl04-26-201210-21-1990Looking forward to good clean PHun this summer
Grateful JonFayettevilleNC06-21-201109-23-1986
Erik Sfeeding hillsma04-26-201009-13-1980
MikoFerndaleMI02-26-199310-10-1963There've been times when I wander And times when I don't Concepts I'll ponder And concepts I won't ever see God isn't one of these Former or latter Which did you think I meant It doesn't matter to me
Ned JohnsonFloral parkNy07-02-201304-28-1978
Johnny PlagezFond du LacWI02-15-200903-17-1972Yellow ballons makes me smile!
Dalefort collinsCo12-20-201305-01-1979
Skylar StypulczakFort pierceCO04-12-201706-26-1991
Jeremy WoodsonFort WorthTx11-06-201309-03-1980Just got sober. My rehab facility told me about you guys! Can't wait to meet up at a show and eventually to help man the table once I have a year of sobriety.
sean mft lauderdalefl11-04-200711-29-1975
George M. Ft. Lauderdale FL03-24-200901-01-1978
David ShehiGadsdenAL11-29-200209-10-1980~May the four winds blow you safely home~
Trevor JohnsonGarden CityMI11-14-201106-20-1983Music!
Joel S.GilbertAZ11-01-199806-20-1978
Stephanie S.GilbertAZ04-04-200305-07-1987
Dave S.GilbertAZ02-28-201412-22-1978
Kevin M.GJCO03-17-200805-20-1979
Sarah JGlen CoveNY06-05-201504-26-1978Hi I'm new
Lindsay EGlendaleCO07-03-201609-03-1082
Derek JavaGlens FallsNY05-12-199712-16-1968
Sean D.GloucesterMA05-13-200110-24-1969
Rob DGrand Haven MI02-21-200703-16-1969
Doug R.Grand RapidsMI03-08-200502-04-1982
John Parentgrand rapids MI10-21-200002-11-1972
jo StringfieldGrand TerraceCA11-01-200107-29-1947
Matt FlemmingGrand TerraceCA03-08-199506-06-1947
Eric MelroseGreenportNy03-21-199206-13-1973
Brian mitchellGreensboroNC06-29-201403-07-1983
Chad RentzGreenwoodSC10-27-200306-18-1976
Brian DeBadtsGrovelandNY05-14-199108-31-1967
Carey WallaceGrovetownGA04-01-201109-01-1977
Gina MarieHamilton NJ03-09-201207-05-1970
Casey RuttersHanoverPA08-28-201205-10-1980One show at a time
Jonathan BrownHartfordct01-16-201304-19-1984Seeing phish clean makes meappreciate the music so much more. One show at a time
Matty "little ozzie" Arezkihazletonpa03-11-201601-13-1982just for today keep whats important and know who's your friend
Bill lambHigh PointNc04-19-200806-28-1974
Ed WHoldenMa06-25-201111-15-1960being seeing phish since 5-27-1994 Warfield SF first dead show was 06-07-80 Boulder glad to be here
James McGovernHolly HillFL07-13-201109-08-1965
Mikey PHonesdalepa04-24-200701-26-1983
Ash P.HoustonTX10-29-200310-02-1975
Richard R.HoustonTX10-26-000012-14-1984
Ryan P.HoustonTX10-01-200801-26-1976
John StaleyHoustonTX10-26-201207-27-1982
Chris GoffHoustonTX08-21-201612-31-1978When I entered sobriety I was afraid I would have to give up the things I love and greatly enjoy. This group helpede find out that I can still enjoy this band without partaking in tons I no longer need. You guys are awesome.
Jason V.HowellNJ05-07-200211-08-1977
henry glazierhudsonny11-06-200010-17-1967i want to live with a phish hippie girl....I could be happy...the rest of my life....with a phish hippie girl!!!!....peace
Josh BennettHuntsvilleAL03-01-200508-19-1983
Roger P.HuntsvilleAL07-30-200108-28-1978
Alex B.IndianaPA09-01-201412-28-1989Clean since 2014, raging with Phells ever since!
Tim D.IndianapolisIN03-26-198911-21-1963Set the gear shift for the high gear of your soul...
Sarah SIndianapolisIN02-17-200206-29-1974
Barrett CindioCA08-05-199610-23-1970
David SIrvineCA06-19-200407-28-1968
Josh MJacksonvilleFl12-30-200702-02-1972...So toss away stuff you don't need in the end, but keep what's important and know who's your friend.
Megan SKansas CityMO08-02-200812-06-1974
Ben KKansas CityMO07-26-200810-14-1978Thanks for being here.
Dai FarleyKansas cityKS10-31-199809-14-1973I love you all. Looking for a ride to and back from Telluride or Indiana. I may need help with tickets. Love you Phamily
Ismael Aguilar KenoshaWI03-19-200607-07-1971Keeping it simple
Geo V.kinnelonNJ04-25-201007-21-1992
Brad JKnoxvilleTN09-09-200103-05-1981
ChrisLa QuintaCA05-05-200106-16-1968I will be at Fest 8.
Mallory G.LakewoodOH04-21-200605-18-1984
Chris ChoppLakewoodOh09-06-200711-12-1973Always looking for someone to meet for coffee and discuss Phish.
Mike F.LandisvillePa06-06-201004-26-1975
ReneeLas VegasNV08-10-200212-22-1967
Gordon TLawrenceNJ10-06-2008Can't wait to meet sober phans!
Garrett H.LehightonPA11-15-201104-18-1976
Joe DuplissisLewistonME10-11-200801-31-1982
Jim w.LisleIL05-09-200912-12-1971
Jay O.LitchfieldCT02-27-200002-01-1971
Mike RLittle RockAR03-23-200410-11-1974phish + recovery, what's not to love?
Jamon ALock Haven PA01-19-200207-31-1976
Lauren RichLong BeachNY12-27-200403-18-1972
Jeff BrewerLongmontCO08-23-201706-08-1977
Jamie BLos AltosCA10-21-201507-10-1973
Elizabeth Los Angeles CaJuly 22 at the forum will be my 50th show!! First show.. NYE run MSG..1997!! Phan for life!!
Jason CervantesLos AngelesCA11-06-200803-07-1980is it for this my life i sought? hell the eff yes!
David SerberLos AngelesCA06-13-200906-17-1986
steven mccunelos angelesca08-17-201005-16-1971
st.stvnLos Angelesca08-17-201005-16-1971I have to profiles. can't figure how to delete one of them
Jaclyn LLos AngelesCA09-10-200410-09-1979Colorado anyone?
Widespread Patrick LouisvilleKY11-26-199705-05-1966
Tascha LouisvilleKy06-27-200011-04-1972hi family! can't wait for halloween!
Jon C.LouisvilleKY06-30-200909-15-1974
aaron blouisvilleky05-20-201108-30-1977
Michael L. LovelandOH07-12-201110-28-1988Live for the music. Just caught my first Phish show recently in Cincinnati, and hope to get to many, many more.
Bradd TregerLutherville MD10-12-201211-14-1973
Gaven Proffittlynchburgva01-29-1993
Ronald LauerLynnMa02-04-201201-25-1977
Julia B.MadisonWI06-14-201306-02-1977
Melissa BManchesterNH02-24-201007-22-1975
Erica FrawleyManhattanNY03-25-201211-22-1992
Brandon CMariettaOH05-15-200404-28-1983
Brian DMariettaGA10-29-201008-20-1976Call/text anytime!
Scott SchmidtMaryville (Knoxville)TN05-27-200808-17-1984
Sean RMashpee (cape cod)MA12-22-201406-19-1977down with disease......
chris wardellmasonmi07-13-200501-26-1976So thankful for the Phellowship!
aylin kmaywoodnj09-24-201203-16-1989
CoraleeMechanicsvilleVA10-02-201309-26-1974Going to MSG run (hopefully all the shows) looking to see if anyone needs a clean ride up there and maybe even going in on a room?
Mallory CMemphisTN04-23-201610-31-1988The Alpharetta shows (10/21 & 10/22) will be my first Phish shows ever. I will be celebrating 6-months of sobriety 10/23. <3
Zander FMenlo ParkCA07-31-200902-05-1983If you live in or are visiting the Bay Area, are a fan of Phish, and are currently (or wish to explore) living a lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol, don't hesitate to give me a ring. Here to help in anyway I can!
Chuck WMental Village NY12-28-1988
Keith O.MesaAZ03-11-200708-16-1978Right Now, It's Like This
Jesse Mancinonemiddleburyct10-01-200407-23-1979
Jeffrey H.MiltonIN03-09-200807-03-1967
Ryan K.MilwaukeeWI10-20-200802-23-1983
Levi SublettMissoulaMT02-03-200701-15-1980
Mikee PoppoffMobileAl02-29-200407-31-1950Am a member of most other clean and sober fan groups and love to work the table .
Clayton R.MobileAL07-26-200808-31-1973Can't Wait to see you Phellows on tour!
Rosemary R.MobileAL12-12-200805-24-1976
Jack JohnsonMobileAL04-25-200508-27-1981get pumped phanners!
Doug BondMonroeCT05-22-200912-07-1990
Michael AzarMontgomeryAL09-30-201312-18-1987
Neil BellMontgomeryAL03-23-201110-22-1978
Arthur HarwoodMontgomeryAL10-15-200802-16-1988
Ryan GMoundMN04-27-200909-08-1976Have No Regrets!
Danny SMount LaurelNJ12-15-201206-07-1994
Joseph MMount Pleasant SC05-31-201710-11-1980I'll be attending the Dayton show and look forward to the phellowship and the set break meeting. Love
Sebastian SMount PleasantSC03-17-201208-21-1975Gone Phishin'
Mike S.Mt. LaurelNJ12-31-201509-01-1977Grateful to find this Phellowship! Hope to make some shows with some sober Phriends.
Jeffery GoeringerNapervilleil10-01-200711-01-1970
rebecca betlyonnashuanh11-24-1999
Chase StockardNashvilleTN06-10-201002-06-1989Just came across this group of people.. and I love it!
Graeme DennisNashvilleTN03-15-2009
Josh T.NashvilleTN04-01-201203-10-1991
Rob Bnew brunswickNJ05-18-201010-03-1988I tried yesterday to get away and hitchhike to the beach.
Kat DisasterNew HavenCT05-11-200604-10-1986
RamseyNew jerseyNJ01-01-1996
Christopher S.New MarlboroughMA12-06-2001
Beth SNew YorkNY08-11-201210-13-1967don't quit before the miracle... And don't quit after the miracle either.
Jacob Weissnew yorkny12-22-201205-24-1991
Dan S.New YorkNY02-22-201409-07-1988
Kevin New Yorkny05-18-201506-05-1977
Evan GNew YorkNY11-21-201509-11-1977
Van MNewnanGA01-07-200705-07-1979
CassieNewport BeachCA03-15-201205-11-1988
Brooks BowdenNoblesvilleIN06-07-200710-20-1976Recovery and sobriety saved my life!
AllieNorth WalesPA01-24-2017
Jeremy D GoldbergNorthbrookIL03-15-201010-05-1983
Dave S.OaklandCA08-03-200209-08-1983I'd like to hear my options so I can weigh them, what do you say?
Jimmy MacOaklandCA01-07-200811-24-1976
Elliott Bocalafl12-31-201306-22-1983
Matt POklahoma CityOK05-26-201407-05-1973
Nick NOld BridgeNJ04-28-200602-15-1984Looking For some people to meet up with at the festival 8 in indio let me know please
Gary HoffartOlympiaWA02-13-201309-01-1968Early in sobriety (again)
Mike Guzallisomahane09-06-200807-02-1984
Nick LandessOrlandoFL04-15-200108-03-1969Yay!
Kaley GoettingOrlandoFL02-01-201610-17-1995
billy v.Orleans (cape cod)MA08-03-200905-15-1981and I climbed my weary shit-ass up the mountain
Dai FarleyOverland ParkKA10-31-199809-14-1973
Christine C.palm beachFL01-26-200912-27-1971Love shows, festivals and being sober !
Mark B.Palm DesertCA02-26-198812-17-1964
Timothy HousmanPalm SpringsCa01-22-201411-17-1966
Adam LachancePalmerMA05-01-201111-10-1978I will be attending the Greatwoods show in Mansfield MA
Aaron EparisIl03-23-201204-08-1976i will be attending they trey solo show in chicago. anyone else going? will there be a phell's table? please e-mail me anyone w/info! love to meet us with ya folks!
nathaniel gillelandparmaoh03-18-200910-05-1984was for this my life i sought
Vanessa FreePasadenaMD01-24-201308-04-1980My clean/sober boyfriend and I will be attending our first PHISH show on Sunday at Merriweather. Really awesome that there will be a sober Phellowship there! See ya Sunday! Peace. :)
Greg B. (Haps)Pembroke PinesFL10-11-200504-14-1968
Erik OlsenPennsburgPA02-08-201002-10-1985
Josh H.PensacolaFL10-26-200509-01-1979
Robert E.PeoriaIL05-21-200305-14-1975"When the power of love is stronger than the love of power, the world will know peace" - Jimi Hendrix
Matt HPhiladelphiaPa01-15-201006-28-1976
Dave PorreccaPhiladelphiaPA08-14-200901-12-1984
Landon PhiladelphiaPA07-07-201009-06-1979
Phil HarrisPhiladelphiaPA11-05-200207-10-1970
Tom CPhiladelphia Pa05-06-201402-12-1980
JoePhiladelphiaPA07-20-201312-30-1970Thank you for putting this together!
Russell GPhiladelphiaPA03-13-201509-01-1985
Gabriella LPhiladelphia Pa03-20-201208-27-1990
Chris CallahanPhiladelphiaPA04-07-201307-27-1984
Eric PagePhoenixAZ03-13-200809-21-1979
chris thomas PhoenixAZ01-12-201104-08-1976
Michelle RPittsburghPA11-11-199711-11-1970
Christopher C.PittsburghPA10-27-200405-28-1978:~)
Judd EvansPittsburghPA10-22-200608-21-1972
Bryan SchoffPittsfordNy01-26-201501-27-1986
Pat OBrienPlymouthMA01-14-198810-20-1953
Seann O.Pompano BeachFL09-29-200404-24-1974
Chris SPompano BeachFL12-31-201102-24-1990
NikkiBport jeffNY06-05-201509-08-1971
Dave HaganPort JeffersonNY11-12-200503-24-1983i'll see you in indio
Joshua R.PortlandOR03-15-201101-16-1977
Jason MarinoPortlandME09-28-201108-05-1988
Owen HowePortlandME03-26-201508-02-1996
Bridgid Murnaneportlandme09-05-201306-17-1991Grateful to be here
John HPortsmouthVA06-17-201012-28-1982
Christopher R.PoughkeepsieNY04-24-200604-09-1981
Clark CPrincevilleHI01-22-200204-23-1980yippee
A.J. FprovidenceRI02-25-200506-09-1976
Jason. SQuad CitiesIL02-02-200508-13-1973
Joe TRaleighNC09-23-200304-26-1981
Mike ClarkRandolphNJ03-09-200704-01-1980Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul.
Zach Davis-PriceRedwood CityCA11-12-201404-07-1992
Greg A.RichlandWA01-03-199406-27-1964~a tiny place to move and breathe is all that I would ever need...
Suzanne BRichmondVA07-24-200805-25-1974Life is GOOD! :)
NelsonRichmondVa04-20-200909-12-1981Time is me and I should know I knew this several months ago I knew more than I do now For I've been turned around somehow
Sam McCormick Richmond Va12-12-201211-16-1984I will be at all the New Years shows in Miami fell free to contact. Thanks
Kelly Crews SmithRichmondVA02-16-201507-14-1977
Bobbo BRoanokeVA03-20-200908-26-1986
David DriverRoanokeVa01-04-200906-04-1984
John MeeskeRochesterNY11-25-201009-05-1991
Ted DymentRochesterNY10-04-201503-15-1988I want to see anniversary dates celebrated on the facebook page too! Phish on!
Robert VeederRochesterNY11-01-200307-06-1971
Steve BaloghRockfordIl03-02-199505-27-1956
kyle w.RockfordIL03-24-200103-24-1981
beth jrockfordil01-28-201201-13-1975
EddieRockvilleMD12-08-200901-14-1965looking for other guitar players near DC
John AlexanderRoseburgOr07-13-200002-09-1974
eddie lamannaRyeNY10-17-201608-20-1981I'm in the early stages of my sobriety and need to go to meetings every day. I need support and I want to support others with similar addiction issues.
Emma B.SacramentoCA06-22-201009-02-1983
jeremybSaint Simons IslandGA10-16-200905-03-1978
Steve CSalt Lake CityUT11-09-199911-30-1983YAY!
Jim F.Salt Lake cityUT09-27-201109-15-1969
Dave P.Salt lake City UT08-19-200907-13-1986Onward and upward! Huzzah!
Aaron GibbsSalt Lake CityUT06-29-200312-10-1977hell yeah!
ASmeawwampSan Diego Un
Christopher C.San DiegoCA04-10-199709-15-1976the trick was to surrender to the phlow
MikeSan DiegoCA11-19-200908-20-1979It is so fucking cool that this group exists.
Mama PaigeSan FranciscoCA07-19-199110-05-1973
Ryan M.San Franciscoca11-03-200705-13-1974PLEASe call or email me if you need any help at all for the shows I am attending. I am really looking forward to meeting new like minded music lovers!!
Jessica BairSan FranciscoCA10-17-201005-30-1986
KatherineSan FranciscoCA04-23-201101-10-1985
LewisSan FransiscoCA01-20-200703-07-1973Outer-towners needing a place to crash, let me know. My place is yours, Love ya, Lew.
CaseySanta CruzCA01-02-200602-03-1988
John Morrissanta monicaca
Adam Santa Monica CA08-20-200803-08-1984
Martina OSaratoga SpringsNY06-13-199401-06-1976
Sam ChabotSaratoga SpringsNY10-22-201711-05-1984
Dell TSchwenksvillePA07-06-200904-02-1981
Shane S.Scotch PlainsNJ05-10-201004-26-1991
Jason BordonaroScottsdaleAZ04-30-2002I'm looking forward to Phish in Telluride and Berkeley! Any sober Phish phans want to go, let me know!
Jonathan B.ScrantonPA01-10-200508-02-1982"Without music, life would be a mistake....I would only believe in a God who knew how to dance." -Nietzshce
Jusin M.ScrantonPA08-31-200611-10-1985
chris hscrantonpa11-10-200311-25-1980
Kevin OSea GirtNJ05-05-200809-22-1983Got back into the Phish scene after getting sober in 2008. My first true test was Festival 8. I passed and have gone to more shows now then ever. Loving ever moment of it.
Lisa T.Seal BeachCA08-21-199007-05-1970
Leah WSeattleWA08-25-200810-01-1969
Sarah B.Selden, Long IslandNY05-15-200901-17-1980Love life.
Kristy HShamokin DamPA04-07-199905-21-1980
Tyler SShawneeKS12-25-200703-20-1987Never seen Phish before. Love live music, super stoked for Telluride.
Chris HelmerShawnee KS05-22-201503-10-1979
Jasen R. ShelbyvilleTN07-12-201311-19-1978
Andrew MullenSheltonWA02-09-201507-22-1993
Amy GarrettSiletzORHowdy All!
Danny K.SpringfieldIL08-13-201311-06-1984"up from hell the answer blew/up and down it's up to you"
Chris schmidtSt louisMo03-04-201507-31-2015THE TRICK WAS TO SURRENDER TO THE FLOW
Bill G.St. LouisMO05-01-200905-11-1980
JessSt. LouisMO08-03-201104-18-1981
Daniel RSt. LouisMO06-01-201009-29-1988Been sober for awhile now, looking to make friendships with other soberfans so i can eventually go to some shows
Josh R.St. PaulMN10-08-200606-11-1980
John SadowskiSt. PaulMN11-10-201104-24-1976
Ryan K.St. PaulMN06-25-201301-28-1992
Daniel WSt. Paul MN09-05-201606-23-1985
Seth PoynterStillwatermn09-05-2010Surrender to the Phlow
Richard W.SuperiorCO01-18-200910-21-1978
Scotty W.TacomaWA02-08-200503-23-1975One good 'bout music...when it feel no pain.
MadiTacomaWA11-01-201107-22-1992sometimes we live no particular way but our own...
Cameron HamiltonTemeculaCA09-11-199605-03-1970
Michelle BTempeAZ07-06-199202-24-1969
Nanny BThomastonME02-12-199802-01-1957
Denis RThomastonCt10-08-200709-03-1977
Chris K.Tivoli, Red Hook, NYCNY08-00-200705-16-1972....well.....
Mark HToledoOH06-18-200311-26-1980
Tom R.TrentonNJ08-01-200505-16-1978GETTING READY FOR MY HONEYMOON SHOW 6/17 CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
Jonathan W.TrentonNJ09-30-200801-14-1973
John. (Woody)Troy/SyracuseNY12-02-200804-26-1979
Bobby PUrbannaVA12-09-201607-28-1973
Jennifer A.UxbridgeMa10-15-199802-18-1974Woot Woot!
Nora WightmanVeniceCa12-16-201204-26-1983
Rob TVoorhees NJ11-18-201712-26-1987
Jeff K. Warwick RI08-10-201108-23-1984
Aaron R.WashingtonDC01-09-200711-04-1981
Margot H.WashingtonDC12-01-200807-15-1985
Matt BWashingtonDC02-14-200904-23-1986
Steve FWashingtonWV06-01-200801-29-1973I feel the feeling I forgot...
Shawn Paul N.WatertownNY10-13-201107-18-1980"Im up, and I can take what you give, and Im here.....I can see through the lines" Im still in early recovery and obviously fragile...looking desperately to connect with like-minded heads. Need phriends in the Phellowship badly
ben easonwaynesvilleNC01-13-201009-18-1980Ready see some Phish shows the right way!
Reid Mwest vancouverbc02-06-201004-02-1975
DianneWestfordVT09-27-201510-11-1973Looking to meet people going to New Years run ... NYE will be my 1st sober phish show ever! Excited but nervous :-)
David RiosWestportCT06-29-201106-08-1972
Chris MWhitefishMT09-01-201110-25-1972
Jessica G.WilbrahamMA03-16-201001-12-1985
Jeff B.WilliamsportPA03-20-201305-26-1988
Jeffry S.WilmingtonNC03-15-200805-20-1971
Jean PhelanWilmingtonNC10-31-201102-25-1973
Scott H.WilmingtonNC01-02-201306-01-1988
Daniel FWoodmereny11-19-200705-24-1985
PATRICK CWorcesterMA11-28-201104-09-1971I love being sober, with eyes wide open and having the music guide my spirit. My first Dead show was in 87 my first phish show was in 89 . Its so much better sober . Bless you all shine on